Sound Nerds Unite! Live Sound Resources with Nicholas Radina

Nicholas Radina – Sound Nerds Unite! Live Sound Workshop

If you would like to improve your live sound skills, I’m here to help!

I’m Nicholas Radina and I’m excited to present, Sound Nerds Unite — a resource of live sound tips, techniques and workshops!

I aim to teach  hands-on live sound fundamentals — skills I’ve learned over the past 20 years and have been writing about in ProSoundWeb.comLive Sound International Magazine.

Here are a live few resources that may help you! 

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Practical education and live demonstration of wireless transmitters and receivers for the pro audio.

I’m excited to present along with many other talented guru’s to help YOU sort out your wireless microphone and IEM challenges! Register Now!

Test your IEM’s for blown drivers fast!

A common challenge when trying to troubleshoot your own or others in ear monitors is the inability to hear individual drivers in order to test for blown drivers.

Simply play some pink noise or music and probe the holes to verify all drivers are working properly. Easy. Quick. Affordable.

Order your IEM Listening Tube now!

Radina IEM Listening TubeRadina IEM Listening Tube


Podcast Interview!

Big thanks to Nathan Lively of Sound Design Live for the opportunity to share my career, gear and knob turning advice. Plus some cowbell smacking music interludes on the podcast! Enjoy!

New live sound classes!

By popular demand, I’m developing a series of smaller hands-on classes covering one specific topic such as:

  • Wireless/RF
  • Monitor mixing
  • FOH mixing
  • Live Sound for Musicians
  • Digital and analog console training.

If helpful to you, fill out the short form below and I’ll keep you in the loop on when registration will be open!

What others say about Nicholas:

"His patience is fantastic. Nicholas can teach anyone. What he taught us took the guess work out of the equation. I highly recommend him as a Sound Man, Teacher, and Musician."

Gerhard Albinus

Gerhard Albinus


"Radina manages to calmly resolve complex problems with ordinary means. From light, sound, or power outages to equipment shortages, Radina’s resourcefulness and ability to troubleshoot, make him an invaluable asset on any production."  

Kelly Carr

Kelly Carr

Supervising Regional Manager for Cincinnati Parks Central Riverfront.

"What we appreciated most about Nick’s approach to helping us solve our live sound issues was the fact that he took the time to understand our needs as well as our level of sophistication and experience working with live sound. Nick was the only one who was able to drill down on our needs and customize a quality solution that works for us."

Keith Sams

Keith Sams


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