Are your in-ear monitors blown? Test with a IEM Listening Tube!

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IEM Listening Tube helps you test and find blown in-ear monitor drivers quickly and affordably!

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The IEM Listening Tube makes the task of troubleshooting your own or others in-ear monitors/IEM’s easy and fast!

In-ear monitors come in countless styles and configurations. Some have just a single driver, others have 15! These drivers fire through tiny tubes and exit though one or more ports on the IEM. These ports can be thought of as labeled “low”, “mid” and “high”.

The IEM Listening Tube simply allows you to quickly probe each port to confirm the drivers are functioning properly. I simply use pink noise and take a listen!

  • Save time testing in ear monitors.
  • Perfect for monitor engineers and performers.
  • low-tech. No batteries. Small. Simple.

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Looking for more IEM cleaning and testing tips?

If you would like a custom molded version, reach out to my friends at Sensaphonics!

1 review for Are your in-ear monitors blown? Test with a IEM Listening Tube!

  1. Kevin Ventura (verified owner)

    I love how simple this tool is. I keep it in my bag at all times because it’s so compact and you never know when you really need to help someone diagnose their IEMs.

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