Sound for your Yoga videos!

A friend reached out to me recently looking for an easy solution to record great audio while capturing video of her online yoga instruction.

My yogi friend mentioned she’s like to keep it simple and use her current iphone 8 to capture the video and audio (which would require a lighting connection).

Being a super novice yogi myself, I knew the possible challenges of capturing great audio when in certain poses if using a wired or wireless “lac” type setup. The first idea that came to mind was simply using a quality shotgun mic, positioned out of frame and connected to her iphone.

Shotgun mics use a line -gradient type pickup pattern. This pickup-pattern is different than the more common cardioid or supercardiod patterns often found in “iphone” type microphones. The line-gradient is designed to pickup a narrow sound stage at a larger distance while ignoring sounds from the sides of the microphone.

Knowing simplicity and budget were a priority, I came up with the following recomendations. I hope this is helpful for your Yoga videos! Namaste!

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