Jodi-Vac In Ear Monitor Vacuum

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Ensure your in ear monitors are working as intended without the dulling effect of pesky ear wax! Buy your Jodi-Vac In Ear Monitor Vacuum from Sound Nerds Unite to clean your in ear monitors and SAVE!

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Use the Jodi-Vac In Ear Monitor Vacuum from Sound Nerds Unite to clean your in ear monitors and SAVE!

I’ve been writing articles and making videos on the important, but not so glamours job of cleaning in ear monitors and testing in ear monitors.

I’ve been using the Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner for many years and many shows as the monitor engineer for O.A.R. and others. The JodiVac is very well made and simple to operate. The JodiVac and has saved the day many times with stubborn impacted ear wax in IEMS.

I’ve become friends with the fine folks at JodiVac to bring this handy tool directly to the Sound Nerds Unite community which means a lower cost to you and and some extra benefits like 40% off the handy Sound Nerds Unite IEM Listening Tube!

Benefits of the JodiVac In Ear Monitor Vacuum from Sound Nerds Unite:

Vacuum Power!

The vacuum has 18 inches of mercury ensures a strong but appropriate amount of suction to pull out impacted ear wax in an in ear monitor.


The JodiVac Consumer vacuum pump carries a 1 year warranty for personal use.


The pump measures just 4.5”x 7.25”x 3” which makes it easy to put in your Pelican, workbox or backpack!

Needle and filter!

A new and improved needle and filter design ensures 6 months of service. The clear tube allows a check on filter status at all times. Plus, a small ball behind the filter gives you a quick confirmation of suction or clog which makes troubleshooting fast! The coiled tube form the needle to the pump gives you a reach of a few feet.

Download the official Jodi-Vac Consumer Manual!

An affordable solution to clean your In Ear Monitors!

If you’re using IEM’s on a regular basis, this small investment can really save the day and ensure you’re hearing what the manufacturer intended for you to hear without the dulling effect of pesky ear wax! Grab yours today!

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Need some guidance on how to clean in ear monitors?

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