In Ear Monitor Cleaning Kit


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A complete in ear monitor cleaning kit with a Jodi Vac IEM vacuum, Listening Tube, LED In Ear Cleaning Tool in a waterproof case! A nice, organized solution to test your in monitors, clean wax from your in ear monitors and keep all your tools in one spot! (Do you need some more resources on how to clean in ear monitors?)


Sound Nerds Unite In ear Monitor Cleaning Kit

What’s included in the In Ear Monitor Cleaning Kit:

  • Jodi Vac IEM Vacuum – Quickly becoming the affordable tool to suck up pesky ear wax.
  • Listening Tube – Quickly listen to each port/hole or any in ear monitor.
  • LED In Ear Monitor Cleaning tool (New!) — An upgrade on the wax loop tool. Now you can see what you’re doing!
  • Padded Waterproof Bag — Available in multiple colors!
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Silica Packs — Keeps everything dry in transit!
  • Sharpie — Of course.
  • Alcohol Pads — A few to get you started

Sound Nerds Unite In Era Monitor LED Cleaning Tool Sound Nerds Unite JodiVac How to Clean IEM

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