My Wireless Tools and problem solvers!

My Wireless Tools and problem solvers!

A short list of the tools I use most with my wireless/RF challenges. I try to update this list often (stay up to date!).

In-Ear Monitor Tools (IEM Tools)

Spectrum Analyzers / Scanners

RF Explorer (amazon) (Search Ebay)


Antenna Amplifier

Shure UA830USV in-line antenna amplifier

Passive RF splitters and pads

Mini-Circuits 2 way

Shure UA221 Passive Antenna Splitter/Combiner Kit

RF Pad


Shure “paddle” Antenna

Helical Antenna (be sure to check frequency range.)


Need some great coax wire? I recommend #118!

Easy tool from Times Microwave to quickly calculate cable loss of MANY different brands and types of coax!

Baking Pans!

Aluminum baking pans sized for your wireless packs and microphones!

In addition to my favorite wireless tools, Here are of my favorite and most helpful wireless/RF resources I mentioned recently in the Live Sound Summit Webinar hosted by Nathan Lively of Sound Design Live.

Of course staying close here and subscribing to my YouTube channel is a good start…

Software and online calculators:

Shure Wireless Workbench Coordination software.

600 Mhz is being activated every day! This map shows you where!

Easy web tool to calculate wavelength (and fraction of) of any frequency. Great for audio AND RF!

Another great calculator to help with free space loss!

Need to know if you have the right Shure gear for the location? Find out fast with this tool!

Quick ‘n dirty intermod calculator from Audio Technica!

Tips and Best Practices!

Excellent resources and also a wonderful app to help calculate many common RF challenges.

The group over at RF Venue have really put together some great products yet also offer very helpful short blog posts on common RF challenges and best practices.

Professional Wireless has been the game a long time and deservedly so. Aside from offering powerful software and coordination services, they offer perfect tools to help with those more difficult days.

Whoa, You Can’t Do That!

Wonderful resources and services from some of the best in the biz!

Great collection of tips and best practices from Shure!

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  1. great info. we use Audix mics and Mipro in ears. bought Rf explorer and clear waves program. like the sure system going to lookinto it. thanks Doug Secor. Rockin Robin Productions.

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