A/V Stuff with M32

Ok, here’s the scenario:  Corporate event in a large ballroom. Big PA with various smaller sound shooting extras such as front fills, out fills, stage fold-back, backstage monitors and record feeds. Six channels of wireless that can either configured as hand-helds, lav’s or earnest elements.

Console du jour is a Midas/Behringer M32.

If just mixing for the room, easy day. Yet, 2 challeges present themselves.

  1. Record Feeds
  2. Differnet styles of wireless microphones sharing the same receiver.

There are many ways to solve these challenges and I went ahead with these solutions:

The record feed currently is fed from a post fader aux send. This allows me to make small EQ changes needed on the individual channels to sound natural but not drastic –leaving mic/room correction using subgroup parametric and graphic EQ insert.

What I don’t want to do is supply a record feed from the LR which has a graph inserted to compensate for the room hence negativily altering the record feed.

Next challenge: the different flavors of RF mics. I created 4 sub-groups.

  1. Earset
  2. Lav
  3. HH
  4. Podium/Lectern

Each of these groups has a graphic EQ inserted as well as the obligatory parametric. These groups are assigned to the stereo bus.

Each channel is un-assigned from their respective stereo bus. This gives me the ability to EQ.

I’ll assign all of these groups to a DCA.

If I need to put a lav on a presenter, I’ll simply push up the




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