Wireless Workbench Workshops!

Nicholas Radina Wireless Workbench Workshops!
Small, two hour hands-on classes covering my tips and workflow to use Shure’s Wireless Workbench to quickly and confidently solve your wireless challenges every time!
  • I’m offering up to six Cincinnati sessions in May.
  • Class sizes will be limited to just 5 people per session.
  • I’ll make some really good guacamole, too!
Once registrations fill-up, I’ll announce dates and reach out to schedule!
If you’re not able to make it, your spot will held for a future class.
Classes will take place at Event Enterprises in Belleview, KY.



Watch my wireless coordination steps!

Do your wireless microphones, wireless guitars or IEM’s dropout unexpectedly or make strange sounds or static? Proper scanning and frequency choice (coordination) is key!

Watch my quick 2 minute video explaining my workflow using Shure’s free Wireless Workbench software, PSM1000 and UR4D’s.

A few quick tips for wireless success:

  • Antennas have line of sight and away from walls and metal
  • IEM antennas are in front of receiving (wireless mics and packs) antennas.
  • If unable to use coordination software, be sure to stay within the coordinated “GROUPS” of your respective wireless unit(s).