Small Portable Sound System Recommendations!

A common scenario: You need to perform, talk or play music outside and need a sound system to help everyone hear but there is no power outlet in sight! I have a solution for you!

Batteries to the rescue!

Battery powered speakers of the past were never loud enough, weighted a ton due to the battery, and hardly lasted very long. With advances is battery technologies and power amplifier design, you now have many more robust, lighter, longer lasting and louder solutions! Plus, you can plug them in when power ins’t an issue!

For the musician, DJ or public event speaker, this little  package can be an easy turn-key solution for your situation!


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New live sound classes!

By popular demand, I’m developing a series of smaller hands-on classes covering one specific topic such as:

  • Wireless/RF
  • Monitor mixing
  • FOH mixing
  • Live Sound for Musicians
  • Digital and analog console training.

If helpful to you, fill out the short form below and I’ll keep you in the loop on when registration will be open!