Midas M32 Latency Results

A quick test of the actual real world audio latency of the Midas M32 including effect latency.

The Tools Used To Test

To run this simple test, I used Smaart and a Behringer UCA202 USB interface (both I always pack in my live kit!)
The Smaart measurement configuration for the UCA 202 was:
Front Left Input: Measurement Input
Front Right Input: Signal Generator
Front Right Output -> Front Right Input (hardwired)

The Connections To The Console 

Front Left Output  -> Channel input (your choice)
Front Left Input -> From console output (your choice).

Run The Test

Use the built in Smaart signal generator to output pink noise at a reasonable level.
  • Create a transfer function.
  • Click on  “Live IR”.
  • Start the measurement and click on “track” to see the delay in real time.

The Results

The Midas M32 tested a baseline audio latency of .85 milliseconds.

Inserting a effect slot on a channel (or bus) resulted in the following additional latency.

EffectEffect Latency (ms)Baseline (ms)Total Latency (ms)
Dual Graphic EQ Latency0.670.851.52
Stereo Graphic EQ Latency0.670.851.52
Dual True EQ Latency0.670.851.52
Stereo True EQ Latency0.670.851.52
Dual DeEsser Latency0.670.851.52
Stereo DeEsser Latency0.670.851.52
Stereo Xtec EQ1 Latency0.710.851.56
Dual Xtec EQ1 Latency0.710.851.56
Stereo Extec EQ5 Latency0.710.851.56
Dual Extec EQ5 Latency0.670.851.52
Wave Designer Latency1.420.852.27
Precision Limiter Latency1.750.852.6
Fair Comp Latency0.670.851.52
M/S Fair Comp Latency0.670.851.52
Dual Fair Comp Latency0.670.851.52
Leisure Comp Latency0.670.851.52
Dual Leisure Comp Latency0.670.851.52
Ultimo Comp Latency0.670.851.52
Dual Ultimo Comp Latency0.670.851.52
Dual Enhancer Latency0.670.851.52
Stereo Enhancer Latency0.670.851.52
Dual Exciter Latency0.90.851.75
Stereo Exciter Latency0.90.851.75
Stereo Imager Latency0.670.851.52
Edison EX1 Latency0.670.851.52
Stereo Maxer Latency0.670.851.52
Dual Guitar Amp Latency0.820.851.67
Stereo Guitar Amp Latency0.820.851.67
Dual Tube Stage Latency0.690.851.54
Stereo Tube Stage0.690.851.54
Stereo Phaser Latency0.710.851.56
Mod Filter Latency(unable to measure)0.85(unable to measure)
Tremelo/Panner Latency0.670.851.52
Sub Octaver Latency0.670.851.52