Presonus Quantum Thunderbolt Interface Review

This past month I had the opportunity to review the Presonus Quantum 2 Thunderbolt Interface for Live Sound International /

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to demo the Quantum with good friend and excellent engineer, Brian Lloyd of TinyDoor Studio’s in Cincinnati. One of Brian’s many venue’s is Cincinnati’s beautiful looking, sounding and newly renovated Memorial Hall.

A quiet Sunday afternoon offered a nice opportunity for me to record a few of my own ideas as well as a chance for Brian to A/B some microphones. Showing up with a nylon string guitar, floor tom and my 10-string Puerto Rican Cuatro we got to work. Brian had a handful of mics including the Josephson C42, Townsend Labs L22, Sennheiser MKH40 and Royer 121.

Here is a video of the Presonus Quantum 2 in action!

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